Friday, March 31, 2006

knitty bag

well, i finished my knitty french market bag. it took a while, longer than i expected. but i love the yarn, the way it feels, the way it felted. i think i have a new favorite. here are before and after pics.
i also made a hat from the same yarn. it felts well and the colors stayed cool. it's the brown sheep lambs pride. gotta remember to use that more. for now i am on a mission. my mission is to deplete my yarn stash. i am not to lpurchase another skein of yarn until all of the yarn i currently have can fit into the plastic tub i bought to hold yarn.
as a part of this pledge i will use the last 8 skeins of yarn i purchased 4 days ago (damn, slipped up already) and make socks, and a summer sweater. i should be finished the sweater by, um, september :-)