Saturday, April 28, 2007


I just got my package from the Birthday Contest and I am sooooooo happy!  The yarn colors are as phenomenal as expected *sigh*  It's soft and dreamy.  And she included a little something extra for my birthday.  I have a little sock!!  I was lusting after these little mini sock blockers and now I have two, and one has a sock on it!!!!  Wonderful, I love it.  Thank you!!!

On the knitting front, I went shopping and bought the hemp for my cocktail monkey purse.  This is one project where the actual knitting stuff will cost way less than the decorations.  The hemp was 2 bucks off so it cost only $5.  Talk about a budget item.  I plan to start on it tonight, while I think about what to make with my new where did I put that copy of "one skein".................

Thursday, April 26, 2007

another exchange

Okay, following in the footsteps of many of my fellow sp participants, I decided to take part in another exchange.  I have joined the International Tote Exchange.  I get to make a purse for someone and send it off to them.  This will be so cool!

I am really getting into the purse thing.  I made several for Christmas gifts and I plan to make a few more this month (one for me and one for one of my team members).  I fell in love with the cocktail monkey purse and have found all of the materials for it except the Hollywood Ostrich Fringe.  Well, actually I did find it on ebay, but I don't like any of the colors and I don't think they go with the monkeys.  

Here are my questionaire answers:
1. Name and blogger handle: Kathy
2. Blog URL (if applicable):
3. Do you want a purse that is felted/not felted/surprise me: Surprise me!
4. Color/fiber likes and dislikes: I like natural fibers and most colors. I'm not particularly fond of browns, oranges, or pea greens but if it really works in the pattern, it could be cool. My favorite colors are blues, purples, teal, and red. I prefer shoulder straps, I don't do well with clutch purses as I like to have my hands free.
5. Do you tend to be dressy or casual? casual
6. Prefer a pal who lives in the USA or international? either is fine.
7. Miscellaneous info (anything you want to tell your pal): I like big bags that can handle stuff (not huge). I am currently in love with a little ammo/first aid bag I bought at the army surplus store. I'm really open to pretty much anything and I love seeing what other people do. I don't spin, though Iwould like to learn. I don't dye, but I love to see what others have made. I love to cook and I am a firm believer in the healing power of chocolate (the other food group).

Monday, April 23, 2007

treats por moi!

i won a contest!  It was the birthday contest at bockstock knits.  I am now gleefully awaiting my new skein of Wollmeise worsted weight yarn in the Drachenblut colorway.  I went to the site to take a look at the colors, 'cause I had never heard of it, and now I 
am really drooling.  Yum, it looks delish!!!!!!!!  The blues, the reds..... *sigh*  And it was my birthday!!

on the current knitting front, i frogged all 7 inches of cozy and started again.  I am using my nice new sheep notebook to keep notes in.  I was going to use my nice kniting journal from Sabine, but I think I will put the finished notes in the Sabine journal and the work in progress notes in the sheep journal.  The sheep notebook can weather my purse better (since my purse contains the ipod, camera, ring o keys from hell and the bulky won't close wallet).  

on the bulky wallet front, my assistant from hell (actually, she's from China) gave me the cutest little silk wallet.  So delicate.  Only to be used on special ocassions, not for the daily pounding my wallet gets.  It was my birthday saturday (I think I mentioned that already :-).  The team turned off the lights and sang to me, complete with cake and candle.  I got birthday wishes from the entire store all day.  It was very special.  

I also recieved the neatest e-card from my pal.  she seems to always know how to make me smile.  Today is cherry cheesecake day!  Thanks Schascle!

And to top it off, the wedding cake went fairly well.  she wanted a simple cake, for a renaissance style wedding.  Um, she didn't ask for the bows, but we thought it was naked.  I hope she wasn't mad.  I guess I'll hear about that later if she was.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In 1965 (the year you were born)

Lyndon B. Johnson is president of the US

Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara calls for a nationwide network of bomb shelters

Former leader of the Black Muslims, Malcolm X, is shot and killed in New York City

To protest voting rights discrimination, civil rights demonstrators begin a march for Selma to Montgomery with federal troop protection

The first commercial satellite, Early Bird, is launched into space by Nasa to transmit telephone and television signals

Voting Rights Act is signed into law

Riots by young blacks in the Watts area of Los Angeles begin, causing $200 million in damage

Hurricane Betsy claims 75 lives in southern Florida and Louisiana

United States President Lyndon Johnson proclaims his "Great Society" during his State of the Union address

Dr. Dre, Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Downey Jr., Shania Twain, Moby, and Ben Stiller are born

Los Angeles Dodgers win the World Series

Green Bay Packers win the NFL championship

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

The Sound of Music, starring Julie Andrews, is the top grossing film

Dune by Frank Herbert is published

The Beatles' Rubber Soul is released

"Satisfaction" by Rolling Stones is a top hit

The Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show, performing songs from their new album Help!

Sony introduces the Betamax, a home video tape recorder

Nearly all of NBC's programs are now broadcast in color

I Dream of Jeannie premieres

Monday, April 16, 2007

Thank You!!!!!

I just went down to the mailbox and guess what I found?  A package from my Secret Pal!  
She is such a loon!!  I love her.  She sent me sheep!!!  Absolutely adorable sheep, I love it!!  I opened it and it made me laugh, I'm still smiling.
I have note cards, a memo book, note pad (I need one for my grocery lists - how did she know), note book, magnet and a little sheep-on-a-string that is going to like it's new home (hanging from the mirror in my car :-)
Thank you so much, you really brightened my day!


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back from purgatory!

finished helping in ohio.  very glad to be home.  must go pickup kitty!  only good thing about cleveland was i found a new paranormal author, c e murphy.  i bought Urban Shaman and enjoyed it immensely.  off to find the newest book in a few weeks, reviews for the second book were not too good, but the excerpt from the third one looked good.  
on the knitting front, finished another 8 rows of cozy, but somehow ended up with the correct number of stitches but a stitch shy on the pattern.  to frog or not to frog *sigh*
darn lace patterns *mumble, mumble, riiiiiiip*

Monday, April 02, 2007

when will i learn......

when will I learn not to offer that invitation to baby brother to spend the night at my apartment.  he comes in late.  wants to talk.  wants to go out to breakfast the next morning.  none of which would be that much of a problem on it's own, but i am sitting here at 11:57pm, waiting for him.  he said he would be here at 11ish.  i guess i should have asked which time zone.  did i mention i have to get up at 5:30ish to get to work at 7am?  did i mention i told him this, twice?????????!!!!!!!!!  next time, i am not answering his call.  sheesh!  last time he stayed, i had an accident trying to find a store so he could buy a charger.  this was the morning after he said he would be in by 10 and showed up at 1am.  he doesn't have a key, and i don't have a spare (it's one of those do not copy security thingys).  anyway, it is now 12 and he is sol.  I am off to bed.  
I leave you with my latest cake.

we added balloons to hang off the side of the basket, and the customer had winnie the pooh figures to sit on top of the basket.  very challenging to create, since all we had was a 2 inch square picture to use, and we had only an hour to make it.  3 tiers of cake, two flavors of cake, and a lot of all natural food colors and chocolate ganache.