Thursday, January 31, 2008


Okay, my apartment is half packed, I am almost out of boxes, and the movers are scheduled to be here in 12 hours.  This should be fun.
Meanwhile, I have completed the first 3 1/2 inches of my niece's Central Park Hoodie. 
It's coming along swimmingly, but I guess it should be since at this point it's just rib :-) 
I must say I love the options needles.  They feel great, look great, and the sharp pointiness is divine.
I have also taken the plunge.  It pays to stay off the computer at 2am, I have to say that first.
This morning at about that time (actually it was probably closer to 1am), I joined 3 (count 'em, 3!!!!!) sock clubs.   The Eleganza Yarns Sock Club, the Yarn Collective Sock Club, and the Twisted Yarn Club.  Totally cool!  Very excited.  Well, I think I need to stop procrastinating and start packing :-).  If I get a solid hour of packing done, I will allow myself a 30 minute stretch of knitting :-)

Monday, January 21, 2008

ain't life grand :-)

Here I sit, I have The Matrix on the tube, my new phone on mute, my new options needles on the sofa sitting with my 10 skeins of lamb's pride wool/mohair in red hot passion (lot 020) and my central park hoodie pattern in hand.  I must say, after the minor (HAH!!!) glitch with the post office, knitpicks and ups came through with flying colors!!!!!  I may have mentioned that the wonderful people at the post office lost my package (expletive deleted because someone may actually know a good postal worker), the folks at knitpicks in response to my email requesting aid, sent a new package ups.  After a couple of misses with the delivery guy, and a bit of misdirection (my request to come in and pick it up somehow was changed to a request for a new delivery), I have my new toys and it's time to play.  I must say I gotta recommend knitpicks for their great customer service.  I also recieved the yarn samples I requested and now I think my own cph will be knitted in the superwash merino.  It feels yummy, and I think I found the color I like.

Monday, January 14, 2008

postal blues........

It's been 10 days since my knitpicks options harmony needle set left ohio, and according to the usps 
tracking thing,  my needles are 8 blocks away at the Brentwood 
Road sorting station. 
They have been there for 7 days.  
I have emailed the postal service (for all the good that will do),
and I am tempted to email knitpicks (which will do absolutely no good what-so-ever).  
I want my new needles.  I want them now.  
Unlike Veruca, I don't want the world, I just want my needles.  *sigh*
I also want my other new item.  

I am due for a new phone (razr is doing that "I'm about to fall apart because
you know I wasn't meant to last for more than a year or two anyway"thing)
so I ordered this.  According to the amazon site, an item that I purchased
Friday evening, and paid for 2nd day service for, hasn't even been picked up yet!!!!!!!!!.  
How can they meet a guaranteed delivery day of the 16th if it hasn't even
left the warehouse yet!!!!!!  
It's active (I just left a message for myself *giggle*),
but I can't use it (whaaaaaaaaa).  
I bought it through Amazon because I saved $100 for the same 2 year
contract I would have had to sign up for if I had gone through t-mobile.
Well, patience is a virtue.  It's just I'm not all that virtuous ;-)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happiness is.......

.......................stitch markers!!!!!!!!
Okay, raved about this hat pattern, then I got to the lace part.......several attempts later I thought "you finished an entire lace shawl, two of 'em, what did you do different from this little hat??!!!!!????"  And then it came to me, STITCH MARKERS!!!!!.  What a difference.  Now I know when I have added a yo or fogotten one.  whew!  Almost done.  But because of my hair, I am making the hat using bulky yarn, but following the instructions for the worsted.  Hopefully this will add the extra 2 or three inches of hat I need to cover my hair, otherwise I will have a really big hat :-)
Oh, and the yarn is Araucania Copihue.  

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Resistance is Futile!

I did it!  I went shopping, in a fun and fab way.  One of my co-workers is a knitter (yea!) and yesterday I grabbed her and we went shopping.  We stopped at Inez's Stitchery and she bought a skein of something for a hat.  I left empty handed.  Then it was on to a tangled skein.  There I ordered 9 skeins of lambs pride worsted in a lovely shade of deep, dark red for my niece's central park hoodie!  So glad they came out with the plus sizes.  
Also, I purchased (because I couldn't leave a 2nd store empty handed!) this fabulous yarn 
that I am using to make a hat for me.  

I'm making this one, Kay's suggestion, and it is fun and easy! 
I also purchased needles to use to convert the lovely sockyarn from Suzanne into actual socks.  I bought circular Addie Turbos (insert light saber sound effect) in size 1.  They feel fantastic, much better than the size one bates circs I was using before.  
The bates had this nasty little bump just behind where 
the needles joined the cable, as well as this nasty tiny hitch 
just at the join.  
The yarn would alway get caught there and it made knitting socks such a chore, the other pair I started just stayed on the needles.  
I also drooled over the Lantern Moon sock needles, in their cute little bags, such lovely wood.
And the best part of all is the impending arrival of my Options Needle kit!!!!  It's on the road and should be here within the next few days!!!!  Ain't life grand *sigh*