Sunday, July 12, 2009

need to get back to writing.....

I've been spending a lot of time on facebook recently. not necessarily a good thing, since I spend most of my time there playing Mafia Wars. There are a few folks from work, and my family that hang out there, so it kinda limits what I write about. Also, I am not inclined to write especially long posts.
I have had the last week off and it's been glorious, except for the 29 mosquito bites and their maddening itchiness. The bite sites come in a range of sizes, from tiny to Holy Crap!!! The HC bites are on my index finger on my left hand (thing goodness I am right handed) and on the back of my right ankle. The entire side of the tip of my finger is swollen, as is the back of my ankle. They look kind gross and they itch like mad!!!!! We (the sisters and the neices and nephew and I) went camping at Point Lookout State Park. It's a beautiful, and peaceful place, and the mosquito capital of maryland. After last year, I thought that was Jane's Island, but now I know better. At PLSP we had a lovely cabin in the woods. The 6 cabins in our area were paired, and faced the trees, so you wouldn't have a view directly into your neighbors abode. The 4th area was for a camper hook-up, and was used by the camp host. They had a truely sweet setup. In the center of the 4 areas was the bathroom/shower building. It wasn't the cleanest place (Jane's Island was cleaner) and it was home to a large number of mosquitoes (as proven by the 6 bites on my ass, but only on the right cheek - 'cause I know anyone reading this really wants to know that little detail :-)
We used 2 cabins, one for my sisters, and the other for the 3 kids (18, 15, and 13) and myself.
Point Lookout was a civil war conferderate prison camp (the largest in the civil war) and hospital. It's located where the Potomac River and the Chesapeak Bay meet. There is a lighthouse, although I (snob that I am) don't consider it a "real" lighthouse because it's a house with a light on top, I prefer the more romantic towery light.
We went fishing (I bought the first pole I have had since I was about 12) and fed a lot of fish. That is the purpose of fishing, right? Were we actually supposed to "catch" something?????? We had fun anyway. We had s'mores. One is my limit, after two, I feel a little sick. We had terrible cheap wine. We swam in the Potomac (not allowed to swim in the bay there). We cooked over the fire, and used the propane stove only once. We saw foxes, and I laughed at my sisters who ran away from them, as the foxes ran in the opposite direction. I would go again, with stronger insect repellent and more bite stuff. It was a great time.
I am half-way through my latest knitting project (a tank top) and have started on a pair of socks from the latest knitty.
I have decided I am going to write a romance novel.