Wednesday, September 16, 2009

why i don't need to have children, little transmitters of illness, that's what they are *sigh*

today is my day off. i planned to spend it as i spent yesterday, lounging, with a break to go to the yarn shop to drool, best buy to get a memory upgrade kit for my computer, and the repair shop to sign over my too-expensive-to-fix car. instead i spent it lounging, with periodic breaks to take my nephew's temp. i dropped him off at school, only to return an hour later to pick him up (temp of 99, and stomach ache). well, i guess he wasn't faking 'cause now it's up to 101 and he's vomiting. i am of course sympathetic, i bought him his mother's laptop, i bought him a cold drink, i took his temp. but lines must be drawn. i am not cleaning vomit!!!!! meanwhile, i have called and texted his mom, who is supposed to be on her way home. i don't know how to take care of a sick kid!!! when i'm sick, i call my mom and whine. what am i supposed to do with a sick 15 year old????!!!!!

this has of course given me ample time to work on my 2nd pair of no purl monkeys. i don't know what the yarn is, but it's a pretty shade of blue.

it's also giving me plenty of time to wonder, "am i next????" I just got over bronchitis. I can't get the flu!!!!!! i don't wanna be sick!!!!!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

sick sick sick....

well, not so much now. interesting bout of bronchitis, with resulting lingering cough. ugh.
anyway, life on the home front is boring. about a week ago sunday, i spent the day cleaning. stirring up dust, cat hair and mold - thus the bronchitis. my place looks a little better now, but it's still pretty bad. thankfully my sister l came over to help that day, or it wouldn't be done. because she helped, i have been able to do a little more each week, and now i feel like i might be able to take some stuff to storage. with her here, i was able to toss out a lot. i have also reached an amicable agreement with the irs, so i am much relieved!!! still a little depressed, so not much knitting has been done. several pairs of socks started and frogged. one promising pair looked okay, but turned out to be too big for everyone in the family, so out it came. not sure what to do next......