Saturday, February 28, 2009

i must be bored

it's 6 am and i should be asleep.  i must be tired because i am playing mafia wars on facebook, and answering customer comments on the whole foods website.  i really need to go to bed:-)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happiness is......

finally figuring out how to carry the yarn for the vertical stripe in the biker boy cardi.  It's also getting your spring Interweave Knits.  Think I'll just take a look at that riiiiiight now :-)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

family moment

Conversation between my sister and her daughter, as my niece lounged on one end of the sofa, and her mother lounged on the other end.

T.  I told you hours ago to do two things.  Clean the office and finish your homework.  You haven't done either one.  (pause to stare at daughter)  Don't give me that look of suffering!

(niece interrupts) I'm not looking at you.  (mother interjects) Yes, you are.  (niece replies) You have channels in HD and don't nag all the time?  No, I'm not looking at you.  (sister stares at the creature she gave birth to, and bursts out laughing).

Monday, February 02, 2009

I'll admit it, I am so totally spoiled.

That said, let's begin with a sulky "what kind of sock club sends you just yarn and no swag!!!!????" *sigh*

I guess you can tell both of my sock club shipments arrived.  

I 'm not really that impressed with the Madeline Tosh.  It's variegated, it's called WaterLily, and it's very pastelly. Kinda ho-hum (of course, that could be me sulking because there wasn't so much as a Hershey's kiss, or stitch marker included, not even a note about inspiration for the color choices, and need I mention that the January shipment arrived on February 2nd!!!!).  I'll be interested to see how it stripes.  I do have to say it is soft and warm, and it will make a comfy pair of socks.

The ZenString yarn is not quite as soft, but the colors are divine (at least this one sent a fridge magnet - advertising her business *sigh*).  The colors are very deep, lots of purple, blue and green.  It's called Madame Butterfly.

Unfortunately, I can't find my camera right now or else I would post pics.  They are both actually quite nice, it's just that when I talk to K about her sock clubs, I turn green.  I totally missed on the Deadly Spins, and they aren't doing it this year!!!

I think i'll just sit here and work on my Biker Boy Cardi (whine, whine, pout).