Saturday, May 27, 2006

mental wanderings

the other day i was sitting in my sister's living room knitting my big triangular thingy, when we started talking about knitting. i had dragged her and other fam mems to the sheep and wool festival a few weeks ago, where they were stunned by the plethora of colors, varieties of yarn, things you could do with it and the prices. i managed to make it out of the festival without making a single purchase, thanks in large part to my mothers presence. it kinda sqelches the urge to spend. i then began talking about my current project and the various yarn shops i frequent. one of the ways i decided to make the traveling i do more bearable was to frequent yarn shops. i regularly travel to philly, pitsburgh, louisville, dublin/columbus, boston, princeton and baltimore. i try to visit one yarn shop each time i visit any of these places. i haven't really been to to many stores in the philly area, but i have found some great and not so great stores in the other areas. there is one shop in partuclar that i go to here at home, but only because it's close. the yarn variety leans strongly towards the expensive, and the quantities are sometimes limited. the service is good, the sales people and owner knowlegeble. but i much prefer springwater fibers. they have a nice selection and a good quantity of inexpensive, but really nice yarn. i have fallen in love with felting and they have a great selection of yarns for felting. i really have a problem with taking $40 worth of yarn and shrinking it. i would much rather use like $20 worth. and it's not the price, it's the little teeny skeins that you have to buy so many of. and the price of all of those little teeny skeins. that's why i like springwater. they also have a great collection of books. a lot of stores have very few books, these guys have what amounts to a reading roomful of books. the only other store i have been in that compares is a shop in boston, whose name escapes me. they had two good size bookcases with one copy of each book they carried. you would take your book selection to the counter and they would go in the back and get you a purchasable copy, and return the store copy to the shelves. very nice. and great yarn too!
enough for now. must go running.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

new projects, oh boy!

Okay, I am now totally nuts. I have 6 projects going at the same time.
shawls no.1 (big triangular thingy) & 2 (big circular thingy, that I don't really have a pattern for)

sweater i have been working on for too long.
gloves pictured in previous post.

new sweater for lisa, just about to start.

socks for me.

lisa's sweater has to be done by the 1st of july so she can wear it in new orleans on our vacation. i think she will like it. the shawls, who knows when they will be done. the poor socks are in the same boat. i would love to have the triagular shawl done by the trip, but it may not happen. the sweater......well, i started it 3 years ago, frogged it 3 times and now am starting the front portion for the 2nd time. it can wait until it's cooler so i will take my time with that one.
on the health front, no weight loss but i did eat better today. i think instead of trying to eat so many of so many things, i will supplement everything with kagome juice. i love kagome and it comes in soooo many healthy and yummy flavors. plus there is a dollar off coupon in the mango sprouts book so i won't feel quite so guilty about buying it so often. anyway, off to knit!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I should be sleeping.....

instead i am sitting here downloading (or maybe uploading is the more appropriate term)pictures to the internet. I am very happy to find that my 4 rolls of film have not been lost and did arrive at snapfish. they have been developed and are winging their way home. now i can send the next 4 rolls. i was suprised to see what they were. i didn't remember some of them. imagine my happiness to see a picture of aunt k. she was laughing, as usual. she was such a beautiful spirit. i think dad's death made her death easier to bear. it helped that i said good bye to her so much earlier. i miss her still. dad i will always miss. the anniversary was friday. i don't remember if i thought of him. i think he was helping the plane though. i really appreciate it. love you dad! miss you always.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

my co-workers suck!

Okay, I plan this trip to take teamleaders from the different stores up to the bakehouse in boston. now at the last minute, most of them drop out. how sucky is that!!!??? some of them didn't even tell me, i found out when I called them. what a bunch of losers.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Okay, I just ate an entire pack of Aunt Gussies chocolate chip cookies. Now, the only thing that is not so bad about that is the cookies were sugar free spelt cookies. But that was the only good thing.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

what am i knitting now??????

I have no idea what my next project should be, or what I should finish next. I really think I need to go to work now.
I am going to try to go to the snb tonight. I haven't been in sooooo looooong. I need the company of fellow knitters.
Imani's hat recieved such rave reviews. Her co-workers think she needs a bag to go with the hat. Not a bad idea! I am working on the gloves now. I know, it's warm out and the last thing one thinks of is wool, but I like them and their irregular pattern. It was the tail end of the yarn. I want my next new project to be a shawl. I am working on one now, but I don't like the color. I think I will like it when it is done. If not, I'll give it away.

I am also really happy that Lisa came by last weekend. She really helped me tidy up and now may apartment is visitor ready. It's also tenant ready. It's so comfortable to come home to a place where they is so much less clutter. I love it. It makes me want to get rid of stuff and tidy more! I still have loads of stuff to do, but at least the space is cleaner than it was. I can actually sit on my sofa now. My papasan chair is clear and has been that way for a whole 5 days now. Just one book on it. Have to move that asap!
The cat seems happy too!