Sunday, December 16, 2007


Well, my life seems a little chaotic right now.  There is the holiday, settling into a new job, packing and moving, it's Christmas and I have neither the time nor the energy
(nor the money) to go shopping, or to get people the things I want to give them.
I have lost my creative flow with the completion of baby brothers socks and cozy.  
I guess I just need to cast-on, but I can't seem to get into the flow.  
I went to StitchDC thursday night and bought some Cascade Baby Alpaca.  I was looking for inspiration and was listlessly poking around the shelves when some novice knitter and one of the sales divas came up beside me.  They were talking about scarves and baby alpaca.  The knitter was asking if it would be too scratchy for someone who didn't like scratchy wools.  I told her about my last b.a. scarf experience and she quite promptly bought the yarn.  Then some other chick bought the same color, then I found inspiration.  Unfortunately, they bought the last 4 skeins of the color I wanted.  bummer.  So now I have 4 skeins of baby alpaca in a very deep navy, or maybe it's black, it's so dark I can't tell which I suppose means it's black.  I guess my sister would like a little black scarf *sigh*.
I think part of the problem is also because of the upheaval I haven't been sleeping well, and I have a sore neck (this is day 4 of the sore/stiff neck saga), as a result I think I am really tired.  To make things even worse, I have just 2 See's truffles left *sigh*

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm in lust *sigh*

I have been lurking on the knitpicks website for the last few days.  I'm talking stalker calliber lurking.  I want these!!!!!!!  I saw them at stitches and I really liked them.  Now granted they do only come in sizes 4 through 17, and I do have most of those in either dpns or circs, but I like 'em.  *sigh*  I guess its a good thing that they are out of stock until January.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thank you so much Suzanne!!!!!

The boxes were so pretty, I was almost hesitant to open them.  I mean, they did have Christmas wrap on them.  And so nicely done!

Now, the observant will notice a few things.  I said  "almost" and "did".  
Hah!  Like I was going to wait.  Puhleeeze!!!  Let's get real here.
Of course I opened them, like immediately.  One of the items didn't make it home unscathed (it's hidden behind the nicely wrapped ones).
What did I get, you ask?  Weeeeeeelll........TADAAAAAAA!!!!!

There was chocolate.  The blue one, the chocolate hazelnut thing, was gone like 15 minutes later.  I opened it, broke off a square, neatly folded it closed and savored my first portion.  Then I said screw it, and sat down with the remainder.  I briefly 
considered fixing a nice cup of 
tea, but hey, life is short and chocolate must be eaten :-)  Haven't tried the other bar yet, but it's time will come *eyes raised and hands folded piously*
The Earl Grey with Lavander is divine.  The Twinings Christmas tea went to work, it too is wonderful!
And the patterns!!!!  The snowmen made me laugh, the tea cozys......well, I have never wanted to knit a tea cozy, but now that I have a pattern I have to (just to see if the darn things actually keep the pot warm :-)  They just look so cute!!!  I love the green striped one and that's the pattern I am making.  Mine will be blue and white.
As for the backpack, I have been thinking about trying entrelac, and now I have just the pattern to start with.
Last, but not least, there is sock yarn and Favorite Socks.  She said to jump start my sock knitting.  I am off to get new needles.  The yarn is divinely soft and I love the colors.  The book is great and I am trying to decide which pattern to start with.  

Suzanne, thanks so much.  You have been a great pal.  I hope we stay in touch.  And you have a standing invitation to visit next time you are in the Baltimore/Washington area :-)

Monday, December 10, 2007


..........mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....I guess you can tell I got my last package from my pal.  Thanks Suzanne!  Pics to come, I need a breather right now, just a moment to recover.  I am savoring the last lingering traces of a Sees Truffle (Sees is her favorite local candy shop, and a big favorite of mine too, I always go there when I am in Cali).  I think it was something lemony coconutty, all I know for sure is it was chocolate and the flavor lingers on, mmmmmmmmm....... I think I need a sip of my lavender earl grey tea, too *sluuuurp*  ahhhhhhhh.........