Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well, I have been sucked into the phenomenon that is Facebook.  I am now totally hooked on Mafia Wars and play everyday.  I am also now quite well aware of the drawbacks of this thing.  First, I have made "friends" with lots of people I don't know because I have to build up my mafia family enough to keep from being beaten up and robbed by the masses of folks playing.  As a result, I have ended up with some weird and wacky folks on my page (had to draw the line at the guy who became a fan of "", the picture showed up on my page and I un-friended him asap).  Also, quite a few folks I work with are on it, so I have to watch what I say. Do I really want to talk about my sucky day where there is a chance my boss can see it?  He is also on Facebook, but we aren't friends.  I am also privy to my niece's more off color comments to her friends.  Lordy that child can swear (well, one of her first words was "gah-dammit" - she was about 2 at the time and that is exactly how she said it :-).  Trust me, she has progressed (is it actually progress???).   I did join a group called "I knit to keep from killing people".  I thought the title appropriate.  Some days that seems to be the case.  

I am putting myself on a little bit of a yarn purchasing hiatus.  I have a small cabinet full of yarn, maybe 20 pairs of socks worth, and no plans for any of it.  Yes, I know, many folks say sock yarn doesn't count, but if it takes up space, it counts.  This may change if I come across some fantastic yarn, a great project, a phenomenal sale, a stupendous sock club, or any other excuse to ditch this plan :-)  

Oh, and that brings to mind my original purpose in writing today.  I love knitpicks!  I broke one of my harmony options, in the middle of one of the sleeves of my biker boy cardi.  I was going to blow it off, but then I decided I should replace it.  So I ordered another set, and some short cables to work on the other sleeve (two short cables instead of one long).  When my new cables and needles arrived, one of the needles was loose and kept slipping out of the base, and one of the cables was defective and I couldn't screw the needles in.  Slightly unhappy.  Sent off a quick note, they responded with a very quick apology and a new set of needles and cables.  These guys have such totally great customer service.  And I will continue to get the options needles, even with the arrival on the scene of the addi turbo interchangable needles.  $125 is a lot of cash for so few cables and 9 pairs of needles.  The options needles come with an additional cable and the same range of needle sizes (but I think the addis have one additional size).  There is the nice case it comes in, but I'm not sure if that is really worth the additional cost.  The system does sound good, though.  The snap on needles vs the screw on needles.  The options needles do have a tendency to come loose (of course that could be because I am too lazy to use the little pin thingy to properly tighten them when I connect them).

Any way, it's almost 5 am and I am supposed to be sleeping.  Just read an article about the importance of proper rest for women and the link between sleep deprivation and heart disease.  Good thing it's my day off!  Can sleep all day.  Joy!

Monday, March 02, 2009


I came home, tired and in a good mood.  Until I opened the fridge door, and saw it.  Or rather didn't.  My freakin' guacamole and salsa fresca, gone.  All I wanted was my snack.  Instead, those PEOPLE ate it.  All of it.  They had their own salsa, they could have opened the jar.  There weren't even any chips in the house.  I left the bag in my car.  But they ate my stuff.  I am totally beyond peeved.  *sigh*  Living with family sucks sometimes.  My sister wakes me up because she thinks I should be awake and socializing with the family.  I work weekends.  If I have to be at work at 4pm, I don't want to wake up at 8am, and I don't think I should have to.  I'm not digging this right now.   And to top it off, my 2nd yarn shipment hasn't arrived.  She was sick.  Not to sick to collect her paypal payment, but too sick to send out the yarn.  She said she "didn't want to include germy special suprises".  I guess that was considerat, but a nice short email would also be nice.  Just a brief "hey, due to illness your shipment will be late", quick and to the point.  It let's me know I didn't just send money to a scam artist.  Speaking of which, I have been getting text messages, about 1 every week or so from someone purporting to be from a credit union.  They say my card has been deactivated, and I need to call them.  Out of curiosity I did call yesterday (from work where we have lots of extensions - I'm not a total dweeb)  and the recording asked form my card number.  I immediately hung up the phone.  The guy sitting in the office with me told me about the newest scam.  I am wondering if I should notify someone about this, continue to ignore them, or change my number.  It's annoying.  Between that and the "you have just won the Irish Lottery" emails, I am a little peturbed.