Friday, July 13, 2012

Life in Abq

Well, I have been here in Abq for 6 mos. I have made and continue to make friends, mostly through work. My habits haven't changed much. I still don't go out and I have been staying pretty close to home. Haven't been knitting much either. I have gotten into riding my bike. It's a cheap one from Walmart, not like my old bike. When I get home one of my tasks will be to ship that out here. It's been good exercise, the bike. I rode somewhere that wasn't work for the first time. It wasn't far, just 2 miles, but I felt like I accomplished something. I do feel compelled to mention that a lot of it was up hill 😊 I feel like its getting a little easier every day. Yesterday I rode to the library, which wasn't as far as I thought it was. There was a lot of up hill, because that's what you get when you live near the base of a mountain. I'll probably ly go to the library again tomorrow, because I have a slew of books to return and I plan to return them a few at a time, plus it adds about a mile more to my daily ride. I will probably try to pick up a book on bike maintenance. Today I bought some speakers so I can listen to my music without wandering around attached to an iPod/iPhone. Feels a bit more home now.