Sunday, February 18, 2007

surrounded by strong, intelligent, independent women

What a lovely way to spend a sunday afternoon.  I had afternoon tea today with my friend K and several friends of hers.  She didn't think I would make it, I have blown her off so often in the past.  too tired, too depressed, too whatever.  Well, she called me as Iwas just about to fall asleep. I had totally forgotten this afternoon's shindig; I am so glad she called, and so glad I went.  The company was lovely.  There were 7 of us, two pots of tea, a plate of finger sandwiches, fruit with dip, cheeses (a gift to K from her husband's trip to Paris) and a variety of sweets (lots of chocolate, of course).   We talked of our jobs, hobbies, the children in our lives, trips taken and any other topic that came to mind.  I had met all of the other women except for one, one more to add to the circle of people K has introduced me to.  K is such a wonderful person.  She radiates such caring, peace and love.  She is very giving of her heart, her time, her spirit.  What a great friend.  

That's her on the left.  She probably wouldn't like this picture :-)

Anyway, I have to work tonight.  Actually tomorrow morning, since I have to be there at 3 am.  I think I'll go in at 4.  Cleaning is so not happening right now, too tired.  Why are the exterminators coming tomorrow *sigh*

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