Monday, April 28, 2008


spring has sprung, and with it has come the md sheep and wool festival. I have taken the weekend off to properly pay homage to this event. I have invited family and friends. We will of course travel on separate days. I can shop with friends, but not with family. Family, not being knitters, will be obsessed with prices. Friends, being knitters, will be obsessed with shopping. See the difference?

I have also completed (sort of) a 7 day total body cleanse. I won't bore you with the details, just let us say it went fairly well. I am trying to start a healthier eating regimen, less red meat, more fish and veggies. If you have ever watched "You Are What You Eat", you can probably understand where this is coming from. Plus my cholesterol is waaaaaay too high. Exercise is next on the to do list.

Since moving into my sister's house, life has been a little different. Some of my favorite foods are a little harder (meaning impossible) to find (like good thai and good chinese), but really bad stuff (like burger king and mc donald's) are a lot easier to come by (we are off of the highway - meaning near one of those handy-dandy blue exit signs reading gas, lodging, and cheap food). The family doesn't have any sort of eating plan except to get whatever is easiest. It's hard. I mean, I wasn't the healthiest eater before, but this is ridiculous. There is pizza, every week. Even on my own I didn't get pizza more than once per month, and sometimes not even that frequently. There is Wendy's or Mc D's practially every week as well. The amount of soda consumed is staggering. I am, I don't know what I am . Anyway, my sister suggested I cook whenever I feel like it. Actually, I suggested we come up with a menu and shopping plan. She told me to plan away. She didn't actually say anything about the shopping. I can't afford to to the shopping for 5 people on my salary, I guess we need to have a more serious talk about it. Either that, or I will continue to buy my own stuff, and take a friend's advice and get myself a small fridge to put downstairs in my space for stuff I want for myself. I already take the fruit I want downstairs because if I don't it will vanish with none left for me. It's hard. Thank heaven for knitting. It's keeping me sane.

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Katie J said...

Sorry things are tough. It's hard trying to diet when no one understands what you're trying to do. Wish I had some magic words to help. Enjoy the sheep and wool fest for me, ok?