Friday, November 14, 2008

oh joy, a day off!

Well, it's two days off in a row for me. It's been an interesting week. I had a customer come up and tell me we had the worst bakery of all the bakeries in the company. I am being sought out by one of our "favorite" customers (he's actually not that bad, and he has a point about the bread). I made plans for my day off and spent the entire day sleeping (I laid on the bed to do a sudoku puzzle and the next thing I knew it was 3 hours later - I must be tired) instead of accomplishing things on my to do list. I am drinking one of the worst cups of tea I have had in a while (Tanganda brand tea from Zimbabwe - very strong tea). And I need to do my hair (two hours with my arms in the air *sigh*).
CPH is almost done, but for the seaming and the closure decision.
New yarn from the elements sock club. I love her yarn. This was an excellent sock club. If she does it again, I am on board.
So here I sit, listening to Tori Amos and "enjoying" a cup of tea.
Life is good. If only I was there, instead of here *sigh*. I love Seattle.

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Katie J said...

Get yourself a new cuppa tea, would ya? You deserve quality lady! Sorry work is bringing you down.

Cyber hugs to you...