Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I love it when blogger swallows my posts, even though I am saving them all the while.
Anyway. On the 3rd I went to the TransAfrica Gala. It was a lot of fun and I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in years (like since I was in college and my sister was dragging me off to demonstrations every weekend). The food was excellent. The music was great. There was a mini-concert by Wynton Marsalis. Love him. He is phenomenal. The picture is fuzzy but here he is.
I also got to meet their board chairman.  He was incredibly nice.  And he is really tall.

And yes, that is me with Danny Glover :-)
Today I went to H-mart and bought a little bento box.  That is my new passion.  Bento.  Saving money by taking lunch, spending time creating something tasty and pretty to eat, focusing more on putting good food in my body.  Did I mention the saving money part?  This is my lunch for tomorrow (part of it).  This is the stuff that is going into my udon noodle soup.  Green onions, shrimp, egg, fried tofu, and mushrooms.  We had the same thing for dinner tonight.  Quite yummy.
I also went yarn shopping.  Two weeks in a row!!!  Last week I bought this.  Berroco Peruvia.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  The brown is like a really deep milk chocolate.  and the yarn is so soft and warm.  It's going to make great gloves!  Well, as warm as fingerless gloves can be.
Now the Berroco came from All About Yarn in Columbia.  The lovely, sexy red came from Coverhill in Catonsville.  I stopped in there today ('cause I was on my way home from the bank, how fortuitous is that!) and picked up this one for a pair of socks.  It's called Casbah, and I don't know if that's the color or the yarn 'cause there ain't no lot number or anything on the label, just the name and composition (81%merino/9%cashemere/10%nylon - 100%glorious).  This my not end up on big sister's feet.  This one may be all mine!  And it's machine washable to boot!  And 20% of my purchase dollars went to a local AIDS charity, talk about a win/win.  And of course I had to buy stitich markers, just because.

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Katie J said...

Wynton, Danny and yarn? Life is good. You look wonderful, by the way!