Monday, February 02, 2009

I'll admit it, I am so totally spoiled.

That said, let's begin with a sulky "what kind of sock club sends you just yarn and no swag!!!!????" *sigh*

I guess you can tell both of my sock club shipments arrived.  

I 'm not really that impressed with the Madeline Tosh.  It's variegated, it's called WaterLily, and it's very pastelly. Kinda ho-hum (of course, that could be me sulking because there wasn't so much as a Hershey's kiss, or stitch marker included, not even a note about inspiration for the color choices, and need I mention that the January shipment arrived on February 2nd!!!!).  I'll be interested to see how it stripes.  I do have to say it is soft and warm, and it will make a comfy pair of socks.

The ZenString yarn is not quite as soft, but the colors are divine (at least this one sent a fridge magnet - advertising her business *sigh*).  The colors are very deep, lots of purple, blue and green.  It's called Madame Butterfly.

Unfortunately, I can't find my camera right now or else I would post pics.  They are both actually quite nice, it's just that when I talk to K about her sock clubs, I turn green.  I totally missed on the Deadly Spins, and they aren't doing it this year!!!

I think i'll just sit here and work on my Biker Boy Cardi (whine, whine, pout).

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