Saturday, March 13, 2010

total eating breakdown

Well, I think I am feeling kinda anxious so this week I have returned to the things that make me feel better (well, they did in the past).  My bro in law brought me some cookies from a co-worker of his who wants to see if we can sell the cookies in the store.  I have eaten about 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies in 2 days.  I don't feel so good.  My diet has been primarily wheat free, dairy free, very low sugar and very low fat.  In two days I have had lots of all of the above.  My stomach feels grumbly,and I am feeling a little (pardon my bluntness) gassy.  tomorrow it's back to my salads and I really need to get some exercise.  Maybe I will start with some yoga *sigh*

I know I am anxious about having to move soon.  I don't want to tell the kids because I think they may be sad.  Actually, I'm kinda sad, but excited about it so I may be projecting.  Went into Target today for storage boxes and just felt so excited about the prospect of shopping for a new space!  Rugs! Towels! Kitchen stuff!!!!!!  Just the prospect of eliminating the 3 hours of commuting everyday!!!!  Really need to work on that.  Being close to work will broaden my schedule availability.  Less commuting means time to do things with friends.  Being a bus or subway ride away from yarn shops!!!!!  Like 4 of them!!!!!  That makes me happy.

Oh, bought yarn and a book today.  Want to do the Citron wrap from Winter Knitty '09.  Found a lovely pale plum angora blend to use.  Also bought The Enchanted Sole.  Found a lot of really neat socks in there!

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