Sunday, January 02, 2011

I miss my tub....

In my old apartment, I would sometimes lounge in a tub of sumptuous bubbles and scented salts. I had a collection of my favorites, mostly EO, but some others as well. I love lavender, gardenia, citrus, there were so many. There was one bath salt that had actual tea leaves in it, had to be put in a bag to keep it tidy, but sometimes I would just let the leaves loose to float on top of the bubbles. Now I have a stingy shower stall. After a long day at work, there isn't a long relaxing bath to soothe away the aches of the day. No soft music, no scented candles, no relaxing salts, oils or bubbles. Just a shower. I miss my tub.


Cassia Cullen said...

I used to love having a bath but I now have a shower too! It's fine in the morning but youu cannot have a relaxing bath with all the scented bubbles. Please visit my blog.
Thanks, luuurve Robsessed Bookworm

gonzo39 said...

I love having a bubble bath after I get home from work. I really would be lost without it. My old flat used to just have a shower and now I cant believe how I coped lol! They aren't all that cheap to buy either are they?!
Please take a look at my blog too.
Many Thanks

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