Monday, January 23, 2006

it's monday and all is right with the world

well, i had the kids for about 3 hours on saturday. i stayed with them for a while before their father came home. i wasn't there when he arrived, but i think they were fine. it bothers me to leave them alone like that. piwa doesn't like to be alone and i am not sure ten does either, but that is what their parents do.
i finished my socks. totally forgot to take pictures. oh, well. now i am back at work on the little general's hat. i hope this one turns out better than the last.
i have set a goal to cut out the red meat and to increase the veggies. today i did okay. had squash for breakfast and mashed taters for lunch. salmon for lunch as well and shrimp salad on ww for dinner. grains grains grains. now i will get another glass of water which will take me up to, hmmmmm, i think i am up to 6 cups. quite an improvement.

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