Sunday, April 09, 2006

Beautiful day

It's a beautiful day and I spent all of it inside. Well, I was sleeping for most of the day, which I think I needed to do. I haven't been sleeping well this week, due to a killer travel schedule. My plan is to spend a few hours this evening re-writting my schedule so I have a much lighter travel load for the rest of the month. The flight back from Louisville was awful. First there was the "everybody take shelter" announcement, followed by the "you can come out now, but be prepared to go back" announcement (there were 3 tornado cells in the area). This was followed by a very bumpy take-off, a scarily bumpy flight and an equally bumpy landing.
I had the niece and nephew this weekend. I had a disagreement with the niece. I spent several hours childishly not speaking with her. She has her moments when she is a real pain in the ass. Usually she is cool around me, but this weekend................... I guess it's part of being 14. Very glad to have the house to myself once more.
A little cleaning, a little knitting, a little meditation and maybe some yoga.

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