Sunday, June 18, 2006

pedometers are the pits!!!

Okay, I am now wondering if my pedometer is wrong. I have been up and down the stairs 4 times (okay, 3) and I know I have taken more than 18 steps!!!!!!

Anyway, yesterday Imani, the kids and I went walking along a very short stretch of the AT. We started at the Washington Monument

and walked until we were tired. Rather, until Imani sat down and decreed it was time to go back.

It was a beautiful day, albeit a little on the hot side. We intended to leave early, but one thing led to another and we ended up leaving very late. 3 hours later than intended to be exact. The drive up was lovely. The kids were cool. Tendai was very excited about the concert she saw thursday and told me a little about it. Aparently she had a great time and I missed quite a show. Well, she promised me family values tour in September and that should be quite fun too.

I wish they lived closer, then we could hang out more. But I'll take what I can get.

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