Sunday, January 21, 2007


I feel like I am falling apart *snatching up a chocolate truffle*
I mean, my thumb hurts, been sore for a while *opening box and munching on another 
truffle* Now my leg hurts!  What is this, I feel like I am falling apart!  *eyes box, thinking 
"should I?"*   Could it be my diet?  Is there something wrong with eating chocolate chip 
cookies for lunch and truffles for dinner with a diet coke chaser *where did I put that soda 
Oh well.

My needles haven't arrived at springwater yet.  I called the store yesterday and they said, 
nothing comes in a week.  Hmf!  Well, we'll see about that.  I have already paid for
those needles or else I would have canceled the order.  I found a site that sells needles.  I ordered 3 sets: size 19 double points, size 19 circulars and size 17 double points.  They said they would send it in two days, lets see if these take two weeks to arrive (somehow, I doubt it).

I am really in love with this Fantine pattern and I intend to make it lots.  I am going to make one for big sis for her birthday and probably one for middle sis for mother's day.  And maybe one for mom.  It is such an easy pattern, I have to see how it does with the lambs pride bulky.  That would mean size 13 or so needles.  Which seems strange because that yarn doesn't seem as thick as the stuff I am using.  Whatever, a swatch will answer that question right quick.   
On a totally different note, I called another yarn shop and asked for the 17 dpns.  they tried to talk me into a smaller 16 inch long set of circulars, most likely Addi Turbos.  I am now very much anti Addi Turbos (in anything larger than a size 10).  One of my size 17 Addis broke!!!!! midproject.  The darn tube just slipped right off the needle end and I can't get it back on.  Of course, no one takes needles back so I just lost $24.  @%^*  and more importantly, I can't finish the second sweater until I finish the first!!!!!  Which is why I am getting the size 19 needles, because I think the blue sky is too heavy for the size 17s, and I think the gauge will be fine.  
Anyway, this is more than long enough.  Still needs pics!

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