Friday, January 19, 2007

shoppin' with the kiddies!

Had the neice and nephew last weekend.  We had a blast, even though the boy didn't find
the video game he wanted.  Got lots of stuff at REI for the neice's trip to Canada.  Snow
boarding pants, glove liners, gaiter.  Spent like 250 on the kid, told her it was her Christmas,
birthday and Christmas gift.  Like I'm not going to get her a birthday present, hah!
They did my laundry, 7 loads of it, and washed my dishes, and cleaned my bathroom.  For
pay, of course (whole foods rates of 10 bucks an hour, with slight deductions for the repeated reminders to finish their tasks).  It was lovely to have the company (and the labor).  I really need to be more social, but I am not sure how to work it in my schedule (and commit to it).  I have tried the local snb, but sometimes some of the folk there seem a little snooty.  I went for a while, but then I stopped.  I tried going back one day last year, but the feel wasn't right.  I am kinda shy (hard to believe sometimes) and so it takes a lot for me to get into conversations with people and to make friends.  

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