Thursday, May 17, 2007

no knittin', just sittin'

i haven't done any knitting this week, just sitting and frogging, and starting.  I did reach the chick with the knitty pattern and there wasnt' a problem with the pattern or what I was doing, it is supposed to be that small!!!  I guess I need to pay more attention.  this bag is going to the niece, but I will finish it.  
Cozy is still sitting there, awaiting more work, still at about 6 inches.  Just 70 more to go!!
No other new projects on the needles, but I am dying to make some toe up socks.  I just realized the other day that I have several pairs of capris that I wear to work, and I have to wear socks (because it's the dress code).  No one says they have to be plain socks, so fun socks here I come!
Just need a pattern and the guts to do it.  I usually make thick slipper socks for people, so there isn't a problem with them.  they knit quick and easy, but these may take longer.  

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mindfulknitting said...

I just tagged you!

(the rest of the muffins had been eaten when I took the pic).