Monday, October 08, 2007


Off to the post office tomorrow morning to mail my pals first package.  Not going to post pics, in case she sees this, but I 
think she will like it.  
She likes socks, and there will be a sock pattern and yarn included.  I tried to find stitch markers,
but no luck yet.  I may have to try my hand at making some.  I have included a book from her wishlist.  I hope the list is up to date.
on the knitting front, I am 3/4 done with cozy.  I will be so glad to be done.  Can't wait to block it.
on the personal front, job issues I won't discuss.
on the physical front, it is so freakin' hot I can't stand it!  Where is fall!!!!?????


Lynda said... should be out here in Central Oregon with us. It's wonderfully cool, great sleeping weather. No need for crop pants and short sleeves out here, no siree bob...just jeans and long sleeves. Now we're talkin', yup, lovin this weather.

Your pal will love the gift you send, and have you tried They have wonderful stitch markers, just about the only kind I use because they don't get caught in things and for socks, they have the small sizes that work well on sock needles.

How can your SP post to your blog if you don't allow anonymous comments, hmmmm? Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

Katie J said...

Yeah, where is fall? It's my fave time of the year and I'm just hoping we don't skip right to winter, ya know?

Hope things go better on the work front!