Monday, October 13, 2008

strange day.....

Well, I arrived at work to find tons of emails.  One was from my boss informing me that a tm had come to work, left and not returned.  Turns out she quit, and her fiancee called to tell us she quit.  Seems the fiancee told her she had to quit because there were too many men talking to her.  hmmmmm ;;looking around, checking the date on my computer, the calendar on the wall, the date on the cable guide;;  I was right, it is 2008!!!  She is a very attractive young woman, and he needs to get a grip.  He hasn't married her yet, and he doesn't own her, SHE needs to get a grip.  This does not bode well for their future.

Next, another tm didn't show the entire weekend.  His last call was on Friday when he told me he would be late, then later, then very late.  He didn't show.  I called him and reached his girlfriend who said he was in the hospital and couldn't talk.  She is bringing a dr's note.  I told one of the store managers.  His response - "he's in jail".  Now does this guy know something, or is it because the tm in question is a young black male?  

Next, we had a customer service training.  They said give product away.  Concentrate on making every customer's visit a great experience.  Now, how do you reconcile giving away product with decreasing shrink, when sampled product (both the small pieces and the stuff you sign off on) is all shrink?  I'm confused.  I don't understand business *sigh*

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