Friday, January 30, 2009

happiness is.......

finding out that the reason you can't get to the site where your email is located is because you have to reboot the wireless router (whew, I thought it would be something more difficult).

I am scheduled to have 3 glorious days off this week.  Slept through day one, totally vegged for day two (I did have to go to work in between those two days :-), and today I was supposed to hang out with big sis, but it looks like she totally dissed me.  Oh, well.  I am spending the day enjoying one of my favorite movies "Rear Window", and a "Seconds to Disaster" marathon.  I'll probably go out at some point, but I think it is kinda cold outside, and I really am not a cold weather person, but I really, really, really want a soda.

Happiness is also finding out that both of your sock club shipments are in the mail.  Not sure I am totally digging the Madeline Tosh method.  The January shipment mails on the 30th??????  Well, I guess it is still January.  Then one of the promised yarns isn't coming, it's coming next month.  Did she switch it out for something else?  Very curious.

Biker Cardi is up to 9 inches, and knitting is going swimmingly, but tediously.  There is a reason I usually go for patterns that do not entail endless rows of stockinette *sigh*  Plus the black yarn is picking up every piece of lint and white cat hair in the universe.   Not looking forward to seeing what this kid does to the finished sweater.

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