Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wow, 60 days already!

Okay, for the last 60 days I have been on a new eating plan.  I call it a diet, but I like to think this will be a permanent thing so it isn't so "temporary" as a diet.  

It started at work, when my stl told us about this book he was reading, Eat To Live by Dr Joel Furhman.  He handed out copies, and I started reading.  Now it all sounds very sensible and not too unreasonable.  I made a half-hearted stab at it.  Then the immersion programs were announced and I was selected for the Furman Immersion Program.  Went to Princeton for a week, ate really well, didn't exercise much (6 am yoga, you gotta be shittin' me - i tried the first day but after that....HA!).  Had more greens than i usually see in a year during that week.  It was awesome! Loved it.  It's been two months (well, 7 weeks since I returned from the program) and I have lost 21lbs (as of last week, didn't do my weekly weigh in today).  I'm pretty happy with it.  The last two weeks though have been hard.  Not eating as well as I was in the beginning.  Really need to plan my menus better.  Haven't been planning them at all.  It's also hard to be in a house full of mega meat consumers, when I am practically on a vegan diet.  I get 8 oz of meat per week, usually fish.  Because I am not eating as well, I think that's why I am not feeling as energetic and clear headed as I was.  I also think I need to start exercising.  That will really kick up the weight loss (not that I mind the recent 1lb/wk).  My goal is to lose 60 more.  My stretch goal is to lose 80 more, but I will feel healthier than I do now with the 60.  

I'm supposed to be a the no more cravings point, but I am not quite there yet.  And it's really hard to go without sugar, white flour, white rice, fats/oils, caffiene and meat, when you work in a grocery store as a BAKERY TEAM LEADER WITH A COFFEE BAR!!!!!!!!!  I must have lost my mind.  

Knitting is going well.  Currently working on a pair of socks from Cookie A's sock book.  will take pics later.  Need to finish them this week (I am a slow knitter).  One sock down, one more to go :-)

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