Saturday, December 19, 2009

snow madness

Okay, the niece went to a friends house last night to attend her birthday part.  She arrived late and planned to spend the night.  Well, with the forecast for 2 feet of snow, did she think about that?  She's 18, do I need to say more?  This afternoon she called her mom to come get her.  Her mother actually considered this, and went so far as to start the car, clean it off and pull down the driveway.  Made it out to the street before she got stuck.  She wants her "baby" home.  Unfortunately we weren't going to make the mile journey in the (at that time) 12+ inches of snow.  My crazy sister.

Then there is her son who was wandering around in borrowed shoes, a borrowed coat, and his pajamas!  Oh to be 15 and totally lacking in common sense again.....NOT!!!!!  His mother insisted he put on proper snow gear.

Me, I've been sleeping, knitting and watching tv.  That's what snowy days are for :-)

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