Sunday, May 21, 2006

I should be sleeping.....

instead i am sitting here downloading (or maybe uploading is the more appropriate term)pictures to the internet. I am very happy to find that my 4 rolls of film have not been lost and did arrive at snapfish. they have been developed and are winging their way home. now i can send the next 4 rolls. i was suprised to see what they were. i didn't remember some of them. imagine my happiness to see a picture of aunt k. she was laughing, as usual. she was such a beautiful spirit. i think dad's death made her death easier to bear. it helped that i said good bye to her so much earlier. i miss her still. dad i will always miss. the anniversary was friday. i don't remember if i thought of him. i think he was helping the plane though. i really appreciate it. love you dad! miss you always.

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