Wednesday, May 24, 2006

new projects, oh boy!

Okay, I am now totally nuts. I have 6 projects going at the same time.
shawls no.1 (big triangular thingy) & 2 (big circular thingy, that I don't really have a pattern for)

sweater i have been working on for too long.
gloves pictured in previous post.

new sweater for lisa, just about to start.

socks for me.

lisa's sweater has to be done by the 1st of july so she can wear it in new orleans on our vacation. i think she will like it. the shawls, who knows when they will be done. the poor socks are in the same boat. i would love to have the triagular shawl done by the trip, but it may not happen. the sweater......well, i started it 3 years ago, frogged it 3 times and now am starting the front portion for the 2nd time. it can wait until it's cooler so i will take my time with that one.
on the health front, no weight loss but i did eat better today. i think instead of trying to eat so many of so many things, i will supplement everything with kagome juice. i love kagome and it comes in soooo many healthy and yummy flavors. plus there is a dollar off coupon in the mango sprouts book so i won't feel quite so guilty about buying it so often. anyway, off to knit!

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