Saturday, November 25, 2006

2:30am, 2 hours and counting

it's been a rough week.  the store was jamming, i missed my sales target, my team 
basically fell apart at the seams on wednesday morning/tuesday night.  
gotta have a planning session with the new assistants.  folks just don't seem to 
understand volume, or initiative.  i mean, don't get me wrong, they are all good people, but why would someone during thanksgiving week, when the traditional items are pumpkin and apple
pie, make only 60 lbs of pumpkin pie filling (makes about 35 pies) and bake only 70 apple pies
(we had 65 special orders).  my assitant didn't check a darn thing *sigh*.  it's not their fault.
 i gave them too much credit.  in the future, i need to assume nothing.  

anyway.  this week i had over 15 hours of overtime in just 4 days.  i am exhausted.  still.  even after having a day off.  i realized today that i had consumed only 2 cups of water in 3 days, and
not taken my allergy meds, again.  i felt sooooo sick today.  i came home from work and fell
asleep for about 4 hours.  then i woke up and ate some ham.  bad move.  i spent the next 3
hours experiencing the worst nausea.  then the usual end result of a bad bout of nausea
occurred and i spent the next hour just lying there, on the sofa.  i really need to take better care
of myself *sigh*  i drank some water and had a nice warm roll with butter.  i feel better, but i
am still concerned.  ya never know.  i also had a nice cup of ginger raspberry tea.  that probably
did the trick.  yes, i know, you really wanted to hear all about this :-)  the roll was courtesy of
my 12 year old nephew (the one in the picture from about 3 posts ago).  he loves to help cook.  
he made the rolls all by himself, with just some hints from his mom and a few questions for his baker auntie.  they were quite good.

on the knitting front.  i am working on the pattern i chose for my sister, but she wants one to match her hat.  the charcoal and beige will be for my other sister i think.  the other one will get
the coco purse.


Askinstoo said...
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Shelby said...

Sounds like you had a crazy week! Hopefully your team will get things together for the December holidays.

And yup I love Reislings. I grew up in NYS, where they have some amazing ones. Mmmmm.