Sunday, November 12, 2006

tired, tired, tired.  and sick too.  actually it's my allergies.  i fell asleep on the sofa and woke up with cat in my face.  she wanted food (fell asleep without feeding her last night) and felt i needed to fix that asap.  unfortunatly as well as neglecting to feed her, i neglected to take my allergy meds, as a result, big headache.  a headache that lasted all day and just seemed to get worse.  so, now i am home and ready to sleep.  but i think i will knit first.
i'm going to start on the girls purses tonight.  i couldn't find a shade of purple to match what i have, so i think it's off to springwater to look for another skein tomorrow.  i need a skein of cascade quatro in purple.  also, i bought some mission falls cotton which i will use to make bath stuff.  still haven't found the pattern i wanted, so i will use the patterns i found.  they are in OneSkein

beautiful isn't he.  this is my nephew.  he is the subject of one of my projects.  he wants a hat in red black green and gold, 
something big enough to cover his locs.  the hats we found at hot topic weren't big enough.  
need to  look for a pattern for him. 

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Sabine said...

Hi Kathy,
your entry reminds me that I forgot to take my meds today as well. Have to remember when back home. Thanks!
Your nephew is very cute.