Saturday, November 18, 2006

New on my itunes list: Jacues Loussier Trio, Bach: The Brandenburgs
New on the needles: The balloon purse
New on the bookshelf: Folk Bags
Madness in the store.
it's four days before thanksgiving and the store is in full gear.  endcaps being built and cases being moved.  i'm being told there is a definite difference in the department when i am there.  that's nice.  sales are higher when i am there, which is good to know.  i'm off today, but going in to check on the team and to make pie fillings.  my goal is to fill two containers, one with pumpkin and the other with pecan.  i also need to make pizza dough 'cause if promised my pie packing crew pizza.  they are going to be 
packing about four hundred pies tomorrow night.  as many as i can get baked and cooled in 6 hours.  all fruit pies.
we are going to really get hit with the pumpkin pies.  the washington post has voted our pumpkin pie the best in DC.  great news and it means awesome sales.  lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it.  it's so exciting being back in the store.
on the knitting front, i found a pattern for a bag for imani.  it's a pattern i wanted to make for her before and forgot about it as soon as i found it.  i'm wondering if I should do it in the original black and white or in charcoal and red, to match her hat and gloves..........

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Shelby said...

Mmmmm...sounds yummy! I might have to pick one up when I'm there later!