Saturday, March 24, 2007

cozy in ruby!

okay, finally a knitting picture.  this is cozy, started in silk/wool (50/50).  i love the color.  don't know why i have recently fallen in love with red, in the past my favorite was always blue, but now i am into the shades of red (although i still remain true to my blues!).  haven't made much progress because i haven't been knitting much lately.  i did buy a few things for knitting though.

Knit Socks was an impulse buy because i really want to learn more about socks.
i also bought Lace Style because I saw on someone else's blog that there is a lskal and i thought i might like to participate.  of course the book is now hiding from me, probably because i resisted it's lure and didn't go to the yarn shop today in search of yarn for my next project.
still no luck on the button front for my teal fantine.  and no picture either.  
but here's a picture of a cake i made for a customer!
her daughter's favorite color is yellow, and she wanted her to have a very yellow cake.

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Sabine said...

Hi Kathy,

yummy yummy very stylish cake. The girl must have been beyond herself on receiving it.
The red is fab, love it. Can't wait to see the finished project.