Wednesday, March 14, 2007

sqwoosh, sqwoosh, sqwoosh

i really need to refill the cat fountain :-)
 I spent 3 days at one of our dc area stores in preparation for our national leadership meeting.  They had a guy from the princeton store come in and he literally spent the whole day making cupcakes.  They were adorable!!!!  I wish I had pictures of his panda cupcakes, they were so cool!

I'm currently drinking 2 Brothers Big Tattoo Rhinehessen.  Oh, yum!  Not too sweet, not too dry, yummy and it went well with my beer batter dipped fried catfish. *sigh*  

I don't yet have pictures of anything of interest with my new camera, in the knitting arena, but I do have pictures of Ashleigh.  She is such a sweetie.  She is currently hiding under the papasan chair.  This is her in her condo.

On the knitting front, I probably mentioned I finished Fantine (from french girl knits), both sweaters.  The purple (wine?) sweater has longer sleaves and was a 
longer version of the sweater for my niece.  The ....... teal(?) sweater was made to pattern for me.  I like it, a lot, but I need buttons for both.  The yarn for mine is so bulky, I think I need a big and delicate, but slightly gaudy, silver button.  Ten's probably needs something smaller and nice.  I have a Celtic pattern button that may work.

My new pattern is Cozy, from the knitty site.  I was going to try Clapotis, but I chickened out.  I know it's not more complicated than the pattern I chose, but somehow it seems that way.  
My yarn is the lovely ruby red silk/wool blend I bought at Sarah's Yarns.  I love it, it's soft and comfy.  This is going to become a spring/fall staple for me, when I finish it.  I have already frogged it 3 times.  This pattern definitely calls for a row counter and stitch markers :-)

Well, with wine in hand, I am off to knit.

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Katie J said...

Mmm, wine and knitting. Sounds good and cozy.