Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Okay, now I've heard it.

Mom emailed me telling me that my brother-in-law's truck had been robbed in B'more.  Someone used a sawzall to remove his catalytic converter.  Apparently this is a big thing in B'more, they even have a Catalytic Converter Task Force in the police department.  The parts are supposedly worth quite a bit.  It cost them $500 to have the damage repaired and they didn't want to call the insurance company because their rates would go up.  This ties with the day I went outside and found the rear tire had been removed from my car, and my car left on a jack.  This is just plain sad.

On a much lighter note, I heard from my sp10 spoiler and my first suprise is on the way!!!  I am now a proud subscriber to Adorn Magazine, the cafty girl's guide to embellishing life.  I found some cool beading info on the web site, and a neat cropped jacket pattern that I think my sister would like.  I can't wait to get my first issue.  
Thanks Pal!!!!


Heatherly said...

when i lived in baltimore we couldnt get the cops to show up, but they were eager to pull us over for a cracked tail light. after our neighbor's murder i had to leave. ...shiver...

Sabine said...

How awful. It gives me the shivers.
Let's turn to a more pleasant subject. Your new subscription seems to be very interesting. Hope to see some of the projects on your blog soon.