Thursday, April 26, 2007

another exchange

Okay, following in the footsteps of many of my fellow sp participants, I decided to take part in another exchange.  I have joined the International Tote Exchange.  I get to make a purse for someone and send it off to them.  This will be so cool!

I am really getting into the purse thing.  I made several for Christmas gifts and I plan to make a few more this month (one for me and one for one of my team members).  I fell in love with the cocktail monkey purse and have found all of the materials for it except the Hollywood Ostrich Fringe.  Well, actually I did find it on ebay, but I don't like any of the colors and I don't think they go with the monkeys.  

Here are my questionaire answers:
1. Name and blogger handle: Kathy
2. Blog URL (if applicable):
3. Do you want a purse that is felted/not felted/surprise me: Surprise me!
4. Color/fiber likes and dislikes: I like natural fibers and most colors. I'm not particularly fond of browns, oranges, or pea greens but if it really works in the pattern, it could be cool. My favorite colors are blues, purples, teal, and red. I prefer shoulder straps, I don't do well with clutch purses as I like to have my hands free.
5. Do you tend to be dressy or casual? casual
6. Prefer a pal who lives in the USA or international? either is fine.
7. Miscellaneous info (anything you want to tell your pal): I like big bags that can handle stuff (not huge). I am currently in love with a little ammo/first aid bag I bought at the army surplus store. I'm really open to pretty much anything and I love seeing what other people do. I don't spin, though Iwould like to learn. I don't dye, but I love to see what others have made. I love to cook and I am a firm believer in the healing power of chocolate (the other food group).

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