Monday, April 23, 2007

treats por moi!

i won a contest!  It was the birthday contest at bockstock knits.  I am now gleefully awaiting my new skein of Wollmeise worsted weight yarn in the Drachenblut colorway.  I went to the site to take a look at the colors, 'cause I had never heard of it, and now I 
am really drooling.  Yum, it looks delish!!!!!!!!  The blues, the reds..... *sigh*  And it was my birthday!!

on the current knitting front, i frogged all 7 inches of cozy and started again.  I am using my nice new sheep notebook to keep notes in.  I was going to use my nice kniting journal from Sabine, but I think I will put the finished notes in the Sabine journal and the work in progress notes in the sheep journal.  The sheep notebook can weather my purse better (since my purse contains the ipod, camera, ring o keys from hell and the bulky won't close wallet).  

on the bulky wallet front, my assistant from hell (actually, she's from China) gave me the cutest little silk wallet.  So delicate.  Only to be used on special ocassions, not for the daily pounding my wallet gets.  It was my birthday saturday (I think I mentioned that already :-).  The team turned off the lights and sang to me, complete with cake and candle.  I got birthday wishes from the entire store all day.  It was very special.  

I also recieved the neatest e-card from my pal.  she seems to always know how to make me smile.  Today is cherry cheesecake day!  Thanks Schascle!

And to top it off, the wedding cake went fairly well.  she wanted a simple cake, for a renaissance style wedding.  Um, she didn't ask for the bows, but we thought it was naked.  I hope she wasn't mad.  I guess I'll hear about that later if she was.

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Shelby said...

I think the cake is beautiful!! What a lucky bride!

And happy belated birthday!! We should go grab a glass of wine sometime! Or do some yarn shopping!