Friday, June 01, 2007

the post, um, person, brings goodies!

I have goodies from my pal.  Also, my pal's cover was totally blown by her sister *giggle, giggle*.  Thanks Wierdling!!!!!
I love the flip gloss (wearing it now, yum, strawberry).  Ya know, I really gotta say, get out of my head would you!!!!  How did you know that I have been searching for lip balms, lip glosses and lip sticks for the last few weeks?  
That totally sexy bit of green and red loveliness is a Lantern Moon needle holder,  lovin' it!
There is also licorice.  Already had two pieces and working on a third.
There is a cute little snail plant buddy, who will soon find a home.  Hmmmmm, the orchid or the spider plant, decisions, decisions........
There's a bright orange pencil case, a pair of beautiful butterfly bookmarks, and........Cascade 220 in black and a marvelous shade of pink.  Beautiful.   She says there is another package, and I think she said it's the rest of the yarn.   Thank you soo much, I love it all!!

On the knitting front, I bit the bullet, pulled out the size 2's and started a pair of toe ups. I started them using the magic cast-on, and I am knitting using two circs.  It's actually not that hard and with toe up it seems like I am making progress.  Don't know why I was so hesitant.
I'm not really following a pattern, just generic toe up sock instructions I found on, 
and I am using a lace pattern I found in the 365 stitich a day calendar, it's a january leaf lace 
pattern.   More to come, especially when the next package arrives from Wierdling :-)

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Katie J said...

Great goodies! I must say when I saw your socks on the circulars I thought "oh, she's knitting a bikini top". Hee, hee. Snort.