Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, got a call from mom today.  She has officially been diagnosed with diabetes.  Now my mom walks on her treadmill, or in the mall everyday.  She weighs about 70lbs less than me.  Her blood pressure is lower (although we both take meds).  Her cholesterol is much lower than mine.  And let's not forget she is 72.  This lets me know I need to get to work.  I looked at the handy bmi calculator they were handing out at work, and my weight doesn't even appear on the chart!!!!
gotta start getting healthy!


Katie J said...

Kathy, I'm with ya! Good Luck. Let's try to keep each other motivated, ok?

Schascle said...
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Wierdlings said...

You are such a tease!!!! Been stalking you for the past few days and still no purse pics. Complete, not comeplete, working on it.. whatever. SHARE woman SHARE!

That is all... heheh.