Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The postman knocked thrice.....

And I opened the door to......

Part two of gifts from Wierdling!  I told her the box was like one of those little clown cars, where suprises just keep coming!
There were these great needle holders

stitch markers that are so cool they could be earrings (I'm almost reluctant to use them, 
they are so pretty)
a big K magnet
lip gloss (all of them didn't make the picture because two of 'em are in my purse)
a lipstick holder (I've always meant to buy one of those)
pretty pretty sock yarn complete with needles (yea!!!!)
 lovely bracelets (the woman is scary, they match a necklace and earring set 
my sister gave me a couple of years ago)

thank you cards
shopping list pad
wonderful note cards (one of the girls almost looks like me ;-)

gardenia air freshener (I love gardenias!!!)
cute tissues (they go in the purse too)
there is this bracelet, that I think is a stitch counter, am I right?

the complete Lime and Violet on CD, a pretty and whimsical spinner thingy (I haven't had one of those in years, 
takes me back and makes me smile, love the peachy color), and the answer to the cascade 220 question - a Noni purse pattern!!!!  I am
making the one on the right, love that pattern!

She also introduced me to the novels of JD Robb (for that I won't thank her, I now have another series to begin collecting - I finished the book the next day and I am off to begin purchasing the rest of the series)  She and I have very similar tastes in booksso she knows what I like.
Thanks so much!!!  You made my week!


Katie J said...

Oh how I love goodies! So glad your Secret Pal is spoiling you sooo well. You deserve it, SP9!

Wierdlings said...

I am so glad you like it all Kathy! I had a lot of fun gathering it together and once again apologize that it was sent in seperate packages.

And yes, I am evil in sharing the JD Robb, In Death novels with you. Wait until I get my booklist together and send it to you.. Muwahahahaha!