Monday, September 17, 2007

I got goodies!!!!

Got my first package from my wonderful sp 11 partner.  There is tea, cookies and a cute little mug from her trip to Hawaii.  Yes, this tea is going with me to Wisconsin :-).  Can't wait to try it.  
There is beautiful yarn in my favorite colors (silk and wool, yummmmmm).  A tin of baby altoids (yummy).  Bath salts.  I was longing for a relaxing bath *sigh*, what timing!And chocolate, two chocolate bars!!!!  They are going to be savored, ahhhhhhhhhh.  Thanks so much for the package.  I love it!


Lynda said...

I thought about you on Thursday when we were going around the Maryland side of the Capitol beltway. It was an interesting trip...we were mooned by some painters. Never know what you'll see on the beltway.

Looks like a great package...I haven't heard from my SP except the initial contact. Wonder what's up with that? I think maybe I was spoiled by my SP10 partner.

Have fun on vacation. Wish you were going to be around as we'll be home for a couple of days.

Suzie said...
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Knitters Pal said...

So glad you enjoyed your first package!!! Enjoy your vacation!