Saturday, September 15, 2007


I finally have a Ravelry thingy.  My name is Sakurak (i meant to make it Sakura-K, except it didn't quite come out that way, oh well).  
This afternoon I left work and found myself about to start singing.  I am officially on two weeks vacation!!!!!!   Soooooo glad to be able to sleep in tomorrow, sheesh!!!!  No baking, no problems, yes i have to send an email to my atl, but after that, all done (talk about your run-on sentences :-)
I leave for the Apostle Islands on Tuesday, then it's on to Cincinati (don't ask, I have a friend who is going to a conference, I am hitting the tea shops and book stores, and museums).  It's all about the leisurely drive.  I do have to return for inventory, but it's all good.  
Now I have to run to the post office to pick up my first package from my pal!!!  Luckily it's at the main post office and they don't close until midnight.  Can't wait to see what it is!

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