Monday, November 12, 2007

6 weeks of madness, and so it begins

For anyone who has worked in retail, they totally understand.  It's actually 7 weeks because it all began today, or maybe 8 weeks because it started a bit last week.  
What am I talking about? What we generally call "THE HOLIDAYS".  
It's that rush of 4 holidays in a 6 week period, starting with Thanksgiving and ending with New Year's Day.  I had a customer get a little miffed because I told her we didn't carry cocktail loaves except during the holidays.  She informed me that Rosh Hoshana (forgive my spelling if it's incorrect) IS a holiday.  I tactfully left it at that.  Unfortunately for her, when it comes down to it, it's not a major holiday as far as the retail market is concerned.  
The biggest holiday of the year in a grocery store is Thanksgiving.  The next biggest is Christmas.  New Years is usually pretty big too, with Hannukah thrown in tasty, sweet icing for the cake (a roving bonus holiday since the dates change every year - it's based on the Jewish calendar).  
I can't tell how much my dept in my new store is going to make (company policy), but we are talking more than I have ever participated in making in a dept.  It's stunning.
New store?  I left my old store like 3 weeks ago, and now I am working in a lesser position in a store closer to home.  I am enjoying not having to work as hard, and not having to work as long, and the shorter commute.  I like my new crew.  I like my new team leader.  I don't like the decreased pay, but life happens.  I don't have to do all the work, and it's a revelation.
It's also giving me the chance to actually be an assistant, something I never did.  It is actually kinda fun.
But this weekend it's all about pies.
Hundreds and hundreds of pies.  
I will be so sick of pie, it won't be funny.  
I may not have time for knitting!!!!!  
I'll be working 12 hour days!!!! 
Oh well.  I can knit now.

Finished baby brother's socks.  
Well, they started out as baby bros, I thought they were 
too girly a color for him, and then decided to keep them, 
then I thought I would let him decide if he wanted them.  
I mean, I really wanted to give him some socks, ya know?
I showed them to him, asked him if he liked them, 
and told him I had made them for him, but if
he didn't like them, I would keep them.  
He smiled and put them on.  He liked the stripes, the fit 
and the thickness. 
He slept in them the two nights he was at my house.  
I felt good to have made something he liked.  
Nothing like knitted love :-)

And here, finally, is cozy in all it's knitted glory.  Pictures don't do it justice.  
It is indeed, very cozy :-)

Oh, and here is my Fantine, from French Girl Knits.  
The color won't come out right. 
It's actually teal, not the blue it appears to be in this picture.  Very bulky, very warm.  
Needs a button :-)


Lynda said...

Girlfriend, you are going to be sooooo busy in the next few weeks you aren't going to know if you are coming or going. You won't know that both of your pals have flaked on you and then, bam.....your upstream pal will come through with a great package and everything will be great. You watch. I'm not holding my breath on my pal, she won't even return the moderator's emails, but we'll see.
Have fun over "the Holidays" and don't get too stressed.


Katie J said...

Yeah, I don't miss retail. I'm so glad you're enjoying most of your new job. Less money sucks, but I bet you're also saving a bit from the long commute. Good luck on the craziness that is the holidays. (Or should I say "holidaze"?)

Shelby said...

Glad you're enjoying your new job!