Monday, November 26, 2007

well, nothing new

Nothing new to report. My internet at home is out so, I have to blog at work. A pesky situation since I am not supposed to be doing it :-)
I am debating about sending my sp a final package. She hasn't blogged much, which has been a disappointment. She never posted pics of my first box, and just wrote a "hey I got my box, will post more later" kind of thing, and never got back to it, yet she finds time for ravelry almost everyday. I am a little bummed about that. Can't decide if I am going to do this again next round or not. I did get some great pals the first two rounds, and my upstream pal is pretty great. *sigh*
Well, the socks for baby bro, as I mentioned were a hit. He wants elastic in them because he is concerned about stretching them. I think I'll just make him another pair. He says he wears them to bed every night and he plans to take them when he goes to shoot at Sundance. My socks hit the slopes!!!! um, make that the lodge, he doesn't ski.
I am making gloves for middle sis. They will match her hat and purse.
Big sis.......don't know what she gets.
Big nephew will probably get a hat. I think I know just what to use.
Stash reduction is the name of the game this year.
I think Big Bro will get socks too!


Wierdlings said...

Sorry your pal this time around is a poop love. But I still love you! You really really really need to find out if you can go to the Romatic Times Convention in Philidelphia next year! We can hang out .. just us two and about 300 of our favorite authors.


Katie J said...

Gosh, and you were such a great secret pal to me. You definitely deserve a good pal. Are you really gonna come to Philly?

Kathy said...

Hmmmm, I may have to give that philly deal some serious thought :-)