Sunday, November 04, 2007

how lost am I, Hah!

I was sitting here, for like an hour, trying to figure out why it was still 1am.  then I looked at the tv schedule and I was still confused, why was Cowboy BeBop on????  Then I looked up the usno clock, it's two am.  um, shouldn't it be later.  Well, I finally looked up daylight savings.  Cheesy-peesy, today is fall back day.  I could have enjoyed an extra hour of sleep and I spent my time watching anime!!!!!


Lynda said...

Don't feel bad. I thought DST went off last week and kept trying to change the clock on the XM radio and it wouldn't change. It knew more than I did. I finally checked when it was supposed to end and found out it was this week.

Wierdlings said...

Heya Kathy!

Funny you should mention Patrica Briggs today... you see.....

I was on her site about 4 weeks ago, granted I did not read the first chapter.. PPHHTTTT... but I did tonight...

Anyways.. I order three shirts.. two tshirts and one polo. I have my sister hooked on the books you see.. anyhoos... I ordered the shirts and didn't receive a reply like they said would only be 24-48 hours.

Three weeks later.. I wrote to them just asking on the status. It was an accident I was not notified of them having to reorder more shirts.. and they hoped to have them in soon, well guess what arrived the saame day you posted your note on the blog.. yep the shirts.. and a gift!

A SIGNED COPY OF BLOODBOUND!!!! ::WOOT!!! I can not believe it.. soo totally rocks! And Patricia even personalized it to me! I just had to call and tell my sister, plus how you wrote me on the very day it arrived.

Write to me!