Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thank you so much Suzanne!!!!!

The boxes were so pretty, I was almost hesitant to open them.  I mean, they did have Christmas wrap on them.  And so nicely done!

Now, the observant will notice a few things.  I said  "almost" and "did".  
Hah!  Like I was going to wait.  Puhleeeze!!!  Let's get real here.
Of course I opened them, like immediately.  One of the items didn't make it home unscathed (it's hidden behind the nicely wrapped ones).
What did I get, you ask?  Weeeeeeelll........TADAAAAAAA!!!!!

There was chocolate.  The blue one, the chocolate hazelnut thing, was gone like 15 minutes later.  I opened it, broke off a square, neatly folded it closed and savored my first portion.  Then I said screw it, and sat down with the remainder.  I briefly 
considered fixing a nice cup of 
tea, but hey, life is short and chocolate must be eaten :-)  Haven't tried the other bar yet, but it's time will come *eyes raised and hands folded piously*
The Earl Grey with Lavander is divine.  The Twinings Christmas tea went to work, it too is wonderful!
And the patterns!!!!  The snowmen made me laugh, the tea cozys......well, I have never wanted to knit a tea cozy, but now that I have a pattern I have to (just to see if the darn things actually keep the pot warm :-)  They just look so cute!!!  I love the green striped one and that's the pattern I am making.  Mine will be blue and white.
As for the backpack, I have been thinking about trying entrelac, and now I have just the pattern to start with.
Last, but not least, there is sock yarn and Favorite Socks.  She said to jump start my sock knitting.  I am off to get new needles.  The yarn is divinely soft and I love the colors.  The book is great and I am trying to decide which pattern to start with.  

Suzanne, thanks so much.  You have been a great pal.  I hope we stay in touch.  And you have a standing invitation to visit next time you are in the Baltimore/Washington area :-)


Shelby said...

When I was in San Fran, I got some of the Earl Grey with Lavender tea as well- and it's so scrumptious! I was really impressed! It's sitting on my shelf in my cube, and is there for me every afternoon when I need something extra special. Great package!!

Lynda said...

Now that is more like it! I love living vicariously. You got a great package.

Katie J said...

Lovely package for a woman who truly deserves good pampering!

Suzie said...

You are so welcome!! it was my pleasure spoiling you--I felt like I got a real kindred spirit. Enjoy everything and have a great holiday! You can find me on Ravelry too!!