Sunday, December 16, 2007


Well, my life seems a little chaotic right now.  There is the holiday, settling into a new job, packing and moving, it's Christmas and I have neither the time nor the energy
(nor the money) to go shopping, or to get people the things I want to give them.
I have lost my creative flow with the completion of baby brothers socks and cozy.  
I guess I just need to cast-on, but I can't seem to get into the flow.  
I went to StitchDC thursday night and bought some Cascade Baby Alpaca.  I was looking for inspiration and was listlessly poking around the shelves when some novice knitter and one of the sales divas came up beside me.  They were talking about scarves and baby alpaca.  The knitter was asking if it would be too scratchy for someone who didn't like scratchy wools.  I told her about my last b.a. scarf experience and she quite promptly bought the yarn.  Then some other chick bought the same color, then I found inspiration.  Unfortunately, they bought the last 4 skeins of the color I wanted.  bummer.  So now I have 4 skeins of baby alpaca in a very deep navy, or maybe it's black, it's so dark I can't tell which I suppose means it's black.  I guess my sister would like a little black scarf *sigh*.
I think part of the problem is also because of the upheaval I haven't been sleeping well, and I have a sore neck (this is day 4 of the sore/stiff neck saga), as a result I think I am really tired.  To make things even worse, I have just 2 See's truffles left *sigh*


Lynda said...

Moving and a new job and Christmas is enough stress to fell anyone. Glad you got your creative juices flowing again with the baby alpaca. It sucks when you can't do all that you want to do for the people you love, but sometimes that's just the curveball that life throws you.

Have a good one...moving day, new job, and especially a great Christmas.


Lynda said...

Hi girl friend,

I thought I would add to all of the Chaos of your life right now and tag you for a meme that's on my blog. You can join in or not, as you see fit.

Have a Merry Merry, and a Happy Happy!