Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm in lust *sigh*

I have been lurking on the knitpicks website for the last few days.  I'm talking stalker calliber lurking.  I want these!!!!!!!  I saw them at stitches and I really liked them.  Now granted they do only come in sizes 4 through 17, and I do have most of those in either dpns or circs, but I like 'em.  *sigh*  I guess its a good thing that they are out of stock until January.  


jopal said...

I have them and I love them! I have heard they have broken apart for some but so far mine have been great!

Lynda said...

You should so get these. I have the circ's in the small sizes and love them, although in the sock sizes I have had two of them snap while I was knitting. The larger ones seem to be much sturdier and if you do have a problem, they will replace them with no questions asked.