Saturday, January 24, 2009

happiness is.....

spending time with big sis, having great conversation over a wonderful dinner (her treat!).  We went to The Helmund last night.  It's this really great Afghan restaurant in B'more.  The food was divine and I ate waaaaay too much of it.  We talked about things not related that much to WFM, which made me very happy.  

Happiness is also getting to the 7 inch point in the biker boy cardi.  10 more inches to go and then it's sleeve time!  This one is knit in three pieces, the body and the two sleeves.  I think I'm liking this.

No socks on the needles, but sock club happiness is apparently in the mail.  Zen String sent an email out stating that the first shipment is being sent out today.  Haven't heard anything from the other club (Madeline Tosh), but they did process their payment for the 2nd installment quite promptly, so hopefully that means it's on the way.

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